Thursday, February 23, 2006

the constant clicker

When I tell people about my cube neighbors mouse clicking they wonder what she is doing to cause this repetitive clicking. Some people say "she must be playing a game like a FPS or something." Some people say "maybe she is wearing a ring and it is exaggerating the clicking." Well people now I am intrigued. I want to go over and try and see if I can figure out what the heck is causing all of this mouse clicking. It is happening right now. It might take me a while but I will figure it out. OK wait something weird just happened. I distinctly heard her turning the page of either a newspaper or one of those flimsy newspaper like magazines like Computer World. But the clicking didn't stop. She coughs she is turning pages and the clicking continues. How could she possibly be this agile? The plot thickens.

Friday, February 03, 2006


The constant mouse clicking that comes from the cube next to me drives me insane. I swear one day I could see myself get up and take that mouse out of her hand and just smash it into a million pieces and then just hand it back to her with a smile. While I am at it the guy next to me clips his nails in his cubes and just lets them fly all over the place. And why are they always remodeling in this place. I am finally all settled into my new cube that I thought I could call home for a while and I found out that we are all going to be moving around in the summer. I don't want that despite the two things I mentioned above I like my cube it is very private. And in my old office they are doing like a complete overhaul. Didn't these people ever think of planning?

Ok so enough of that. Danny got a new job he starts February 20 and his hours will be 9:30 - 6. Before he starts the new job he has off a week or so. So we are going to Florida Feb. 10-14. My parents and my sister and her family will be there too. It should be fun. We are staying in my parent’s condo. It is in Kissimmee 4 miles from Orlando. We are going to go to Disney heheh and Universal. It will be fun.