Monday, August 15, 2005

I'll start tomorrow

I started a new diet today. So boring to write about starting a new diet. I made it through day one though. Hey one day at a time they say right.

We finally booked our trip. We are going to Cancun Mexico. I find it hard to believe but it is where we are going. I think it will be great. We just wanted a vacation we aren't traveling this time. We just want to relax on the beach and by the pool. Read a lot of books. Swim a lot. I want to try sea kayaking. We can also go sailing, snorkeling and many other things that sound tons of fun. We are going for 5 nights. We leave 9/9 and return 9/14. Then we are going to go camping right after. We haven't quite finished that part of the trip planning though. The will happen 9/16 - 9/18 unless something changes. I am very excited about all this I could really use some relaxation.


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